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-26 colours

-No maintenance costs, only cleaning with basic cleaners

-Approved by many federations

-High resistance, tested by repeated installing and uninstalling

-Lower cost of underworks, as it can be placed on any flat surface

-Fast assembly and disassembly

-Floor is not damaged by demanding sports to use, such as wheelchair sports, inline hockey,...

-Very good, high quality surface made of polypropylene copolymer. It is resistant to weather, UV radiation, fire, fungi and molds. It minimizes the possibility of player injuries. 7 connection slots


-Premium dealer for Slovakia and Czech republic

-Best price on market

-We will prepare quotes and projects, including visualization to your photo for free

-Quote is made on following working day after specifying your request and dimensions

-We can help you with application for grants

-Years of experience and lot of references

-Professional lining of your court

-Assembly, edges, choice of colour (26 colours) and your logo included

-We also offer high quality court equipment including goals, posts, baskets, protective nets, rinks, stage, lighting and fencing

-Underworks and your surface repairs in very good prices

-Fast delivery, customer service

-Visualization according to your requirements to your photo might look like this:

1. PDF version


2. Court visualization to your photo

3. After assembly

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