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Naxos is very durable sports surface usable for all sports (for example gymnastics, basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, badminton, hockey, inline hockey, wheelchair sports ...). Easy install / uninstall allows the use of your space for other activities, protects the quality of the Sports Floor and the investment made. 


The surface is resistant to weather, UV radiation, fire, fungi and molds. It minimizes the possibility of player injuries. The surface is sticky, it does not slip, and it absorbs shock. Specially designed to assure perfect traction in all directions at the highest level of use.



Material: polypropylene copolymer 

Temperature resistance: -30 to + 70 ° C

Surface Type: Smooth (Naxos)

Dimensions: 1 module = 250 x 250 mm

Module thickness: 11 mm

Colours: 26 colours

Each module has male/female fitting system with 7 slots per side. 

Laying directly on concrete floors, or other flat surfaces with a smooth rubber mat with a thickness of 4mm or rubber mat with air cushions. Installation time 1 day.

It is very easily detachable and replaceable. Easy, economical and fast repairs. Unfortunate accidents resulting in damaging the Sports Floor implies only the replacement of the damaged tile. You can choose your own colours and highlight boundaries.

Installation video

You can choose from 26 colours:


The surface has top references in top competitions in handball (IHF approved), Table Tennis (ITTF approved), futsal, streetball, floorball, handball, .. Is recommended by many federations:

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